Manhattan Flowers

Last weekend I decided to get the Fujifilm 80mm Macro and go to Manhattan to photograph some of the beautiful details in the city. I got surprised by a some sort of a flower exposition in Chelsea. That’s what happen when you are lucky enough to have the right lens at the right situation. Brought to you by Fuji X-Pro3 with Fujinon 80mm Macro f/2.8 R WR.

How A Pandemic Snowy Day Looks Like in December 2020

2020 has been hard on all of us with the pandemic and everything. At least, a bright side of that is that due to the lower exposure to human beings to the environment, Mother Nature could recover a little bit without too much intervention during this year. A snowstorm was announced in New Jersey for 12/14/2020. Some newscasters said it would drop off as much as 18 inches of snow in some areas. I always wanted to take pictures of those cozy neighborhoods covered in snow, but with snow, either you are the first or no deal. That is because people start messing up the fluffy nature creation with their cars. This year was the right year to take this kind of photo of a cozy neighborhood over a snowy day. Most people are working from home, and not having to go out early morning for commuting allowed me some...

How I Built My Own Mechanical Keyboard

And here I am writing about them again! I got my first mechanical keyboard in 2014 and instantly got fascinated with the pleasure of typing on such a device. The first one was a Filco Majestouch Ninja. Later on a WASD Tenkeyless, I wrote two blog posts: one explaining mechanical keyboards in general, and the other comparing switch profiles, chassis and everything regarding the 2 keyboards I had. I was super happy with my mechanical keyboards and used them every day, but something started to change when I discovered the Mechanical Keyboards subreddit, not long ago. That’s when I started seeing other non-traditional keyboards showing up. Some of them very unique in terms of colors, keycaps, material, cables, artisan-made keys, electronic parts, firmware, appearance, and even the switch. When I say switch, I am not referring to the fact of choosing a switch style that is already available on the...

FUJIFILM X-Pro3 - A beast not only for street photography

Tired of Canon’s weight and size, I have been looking for a small camera for a long time. While Leica has been my dream for decades, it doesn’t please my wallet, but starting in 2012, I patiently waited for a decent small sized mirrorless camera to be available on the market, range finder preferred. Fuji announced The Fuji X-Pro3 in late 2019, and I realized: that’s it, this is what I have been looking for, now it is time to get it and go to the street! The results could not be better! The main reason is that the FUJI X-Pro3 is a device that allows me to do a discrete service, holding something that looks like an old film camera, being ideal for street photography. It lacks in a read backlit LCD, making it even stealthier. It has both mechanical and electronic shutter, and due to silence, speed, and...

Woodstock Nature

The other day me and my friends decided to make a road trip to Woodstock for a pic-nic in the nature. We found some beautiful waterfalls and landscapes in our path, being that one the most beautiful tiny scenario. Some other pictures from that day:




Rafael Lopes