Woodstock Nature

The other day me and my friends decided to make a road trip to Woodstock for a pic-nic in the nature. We found some beautiful waterfalls and landscapes in our path, being that one the most beautiful tiny scenario. Some other pictures from that day:

Gaming Desktop Macro Shots

Other day I decided to buy a gaming desktop to play some games. I got a nice surprise when I opened the box, saw a watercooler and beautiful things inside. Got my 100mm Macro lens and did these shots. The model is an HP Omen. And these are the specs of my PC Master Race. Core i9 9900K, 32G RAM, 2x NVMe SSD, NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti

Manhattan Skyline

The day was 4th of July. It was a little bit cold for my hands. I got my camera and tripod and went to Hoboken Pier, set up everything and made this picture from the other side of the Hudson. I like the colors. There are also fireworks pictures, but they were not in Midtown, but close to the Financial District, my 200mm wasn’t that long, it was windy.

Dialog, Common sense and Empathy

Dialog, common sense and empathy. When aligned, these three doors easily break any state of interest, business, language, market, domination, ambition and empire. Essential for our success as human beings: without them we are instantly converted to our monochromatic, sad and mediocre lives. It is worthless to know multiple idioms and not caring about others’ feelings, it is not enough to practice common sense if you have no way to express it and it does not do if you do have empathy and dialog but can’t live your own life. They have to operate combined, unified. Imagine the power coming from inside something where these three pillars are operating in harmony…

Bring a DSLR

Focus on results, not efforts: bringing a DSLR with good and heavy lenses is, in fact, more burdening than carrying a cell phone, but it is certainly more likely to give you on better results as a photographer, especially on portraits. Software still can’t do what analog lenses can, and better quality files containing more information for further editing are also obtained. It’s heavy, expensive and tough but it’s an effort that totally pays off. In 2019, my goal as a travel photographer is to resist the inconvenience of having to carry a DSLR 💪




Rafael Lopes