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Your CLI presentations will never be the same

Brazil Datacenter Migration Adventure

The year was 2012, I was working on a company that had every single piece of hardware co-located in a datacenter in Rio de Janeiro, and I was the infrastructure manager responsible for maintaining that. Making sure that everything was running smoothly was part of my job, as well as also checking for new hardware deals and finding a better place to run them, where the foundation of this story take place. If you have already been to Rio de Janeiro, you know that services operating in that city are not the best ones, actually they are far from that, and when the subject is data centers, it is even worse. I had around 50 servers and some switches in 4 racks, from firewalls to hadoop clusters, all of them running on JBOD (just a bunch of disks) on cheap chassis, nothing fancy, no redundant power supplies, nothing. We were...

Dialog, Common sense and Empathy

Dialog, common sense and empathy. When aligned, these three doors easily break any state of interest, business, language, market, domination, ambition and empire. Essential for our success as human beings: without them we are instantly converted to our monochromatic, sad and mediocre lives. It is worthless to know multiple idioms and not caring about others’ feelings, it is not enough to practice common sense if you have no way to express it and it does not do if you do have empathy and dialog but can’t live your own life. They have to operate combined, unified. Imagine the power coming from inside something where these three pillars are operating in harmony…

Bring a DSLR

Focus on results, not efforts: bringing a DSLR with good and heavy lenses is, in fact, more burdening than carrying a cell phone, but it is certainly more likely to give you on better results as a photographer, especially on portraits. Software still can’t do what analog lenses can, and better quality files containing more information for further editing are also obtained. It’s heavy, expensive and tough but it’s an effort that totally pays off. In 2019, my goal as a travel photographer is to resist the inconvenience of having to carry a DSLR 💪




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